Pain Management Workbook: A Patient's Perspective

Take back control of your life – Free Course

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What Will I Learn?

  • Examine your current methods of pain management and implement improvements to help you take back control of your life


  • A willingness to adapt your habits and lifestyle and not just look for a drugs based solution


If you have a painful medical condition, it can easily take over your life. This course will help you take back control. It is written from a long term pain patient’s perspective. The videos offer advice and guidance but the work is up to you, There are downloadable resources on a range of topics for you to fill in to forma picture of your current pain management strategies, how well they are working and action points for improvement.

We will look at things like

  • Your daily,routine
  • Your working life
  • Your relationships
  • Pain relief methods and devices
  • Dealing with healthcare professionals
  • Support groups

The course is suitable for people with a range of medical conditions. It is not meant as medical advice and any changes to your pain management should be run past your doctor!

I went from being unemployed and letting my condition be the centre of my life to work as a commercial songwriter in a challenging and competitive field. I hope that you too can meet your goals and change your life.

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