[100% Off] Oil Painting From Beginner To Master


What you’ll learn

  • A process and structure to painting a still life from start to finish, thats easy for anyone to manage!
  • Youll learn what the best supplies mediums and cleaners to buy and how to use them. As well as what steps ta take to prepare a painting
  • How to mix a 10 value greyscale, shading and how to make a gradient in every value with paint.
  • Youll learn the best approach to doing a drawing specifically for a painting, an easy system to get your drawing right every time!!
  • How painting in layers works starting with an underpainting, and youll learn how to bring an oil painting to completion. (Including varnishing)
  • Youll learn how to use a new kind of color chart that will make mixing or matching any color imaginable easy, using the least amount of tubes of paint possible
  • Youll Learn the difference between chroma, color and values and how to control them.
  • Youll learn how to easily add incredible detail to a painting without all the incredible patients!.
  • Youll learn how to Varnish and give your painting a beautiful glossy, finished look


  • A basic understanding drawing and painting would be helpful. The supplies required are: Oil paints, palette knife, brushes, gesso, ruler, etc. Mostly standard art supplies to paint with but Ill provide you with a detailed list in the beginning of the course. Ive streamlined the materials and chosen only the bear minimum youll need, to save you money!


How to Paint: From Beginner to Master Still Life Painting Is designed to teach anyone from beginner to moderate, the fundamentals of painting a still life using Oil Paint. Watch me demonstrate every lesson, step by step as I go into incredible detail of every aspect of creating a painting from start to finish! From explaining exactly how to mix every color down to the percentage of paint- to what direction to apply brushstrokes while painting a subject. Youll get a first hand-close up view that you could never get in a classroom! This course teaches you a traditional process of doing a painting. We start with the fundamentals- from setting up your work area to the brushes you should use- then I guide you thought the process of doing a still like painting, step by step to completion. By the end of the course you’ll have done the painting you see in the course commercial and have a working knowledge of how to properly paint a still life on your own! This is a guided course, so you won’t be left to figure anything out on your own, I’ll walk you through everything from finding the right supplies and how to take care of them, to applying the final glaze on your paintings- and everything in-between!

Author(s): Joseph Patric Daniels

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