NEW WORLD WHISKEY – Bourbon, Rye, Canadian & more…

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What you’ll learn

  • An in-depth understanding Whiskey – Bourbon, Canadian & New World Styles
  • Recognizing Flavors & Aromas in Whiskey

  • Whiskey Production

  • New World Whiskey Types
  • Whiskey & Food Pairing
  • Whiskey Flavors by Style
  • New & Old World Whisk(e)y Buying Guide
  • Whiskeys Old World & New World Origins
  • Popular Brands Review & Tasting Notes
  • Legal Standards of Whiskey U.S. & EU
  • How do you spell it?


  • No existing Whiskey or alcohol knowledge is required
  • All individuals wishing to drink alcohol must be of legal age where they reside. This course does not condone underage drinking in any capacity.
  • This course is designed for those want to learn more about Whiskey & how to better select and enjoy it
  • Students are encouraged to sample Whiskey throughout this course, but no specialist equipment is required beyond some Whiskey to enjoy.


Welcome to New World Whiskey! What’s New World Whiskey…? Whiskey made in North America, like the United States and Canada. Surprisingly, there’s a lot more to New World Whiskeys than just Bourbon. Here we’ll review them all. With buying guides and flavor guides so that you’ll be able to select great Whiskeys and become an expert on all the styles. We review Rye, Tennessee, Corn, Wheat & Bourbon and many other styles. Know how its made, what it tastes like and which ones to buy and a lot more including pairing it with food, to tasting it and serving it.

Various types of grains can be used in fermentation for making different varieties of whiskey. These include barley, malted barley, wheat, rye, malted rye, and corn. But whatever the variety, the commonalities of all types are the same: fermentation of grains, distillation, and aging in wooden barrels.

You’ll even learn some about Old World Whiskys to have a stronger overall understanding. No one else is as thorough.

Class is in session. Drink up!

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