Learn To Paint – Oil Painting & Acrylic Painting Free Course

Beginners Course In Oil Painting & Acrylic Painting – Learn To Paint With The Moore Method of Painting – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • An Introduction To Painting For Beginners To Intermediate Students
  • Discover The Moore Method of Painting
  • How To Simplify The Painting Process Down To Make It Easier To Get Started Painting
  • Where To Start If You Have Never Painted before
  • The 3 Simple Steps Of Completing A Painting
  • The 3 Colours You Need to Complete 90% of Your Painting
  • The 3 Brushes Required To Get You Started
  • How To Paint From A Photo & Turn It Into A Great Impressionist Painting
  • Completing a Simple Outline Drawing Of Your Subject
  • How To Block In With The Right Values To Set Your Painting Up
  • Understanding of Aerial Perspective in Landscape Painting
  • How To Create Light and Highlights
  • Finishing Off Your Painting And More


  • A Love Of Painting
  • Suited To The Absolute Beginner Who Has Never Painted Before
  • Ideal For Beginners Just Starting Their Artistic Journey
  • Great For Intermediate Painters Looking To Gain New Ideas


*** Join More Than 25,000 Students Who Have Taken The Learn To Paint Introduction Course With Best Selling Art Teacher Rod Moore ***

Always Wanted To Learn To Paint In Oils or Acrylics? Register For The Learn To Paint Course & Get Started Today

If you have always wanted to learn how to paint in oils or acrylics then welcome to the Learn To Paint Academy.

More than 25,000 students have already taken one of our courses from around the world and learn to paint with the Moore Method of Painting. Now its your turn.

Join The ‘Learn To Paint’ Introduction Course

Join more than 25,000 + people who have taken the ‘Learn To Paint’ Introduction course.

You will learn how to paint in oils or acrylics using the Moore Method of Painting. Following our simple approach to learning to paint you will go from never having picked up a brush before to completing a great looking landscape painting.

Enrol now and start your journey learning how to paint with this introductory course.

Yes You Absolutely Can Learn To Paint With The Moore Method of Painting Even If You Have Never Picked Up A Brush Before And Are An Absolute Beginner

The Moore Method of Painting is a simple easy to follow approach that any beginner or intermediate artist can use to learn how to paint. It simplifies what you need to do do create a painting, the colours you need and the brushes you need.

Does it work?

Yes absolutely … you will be joining more than 25,000 students from around the world who have learnt to paint with the Moore Method of Painting. Most of whom had never picked up a brush before.

Every day I get emails from people all over the world thanking me for teaching them how to paint, something they have wanted to do their entire lives but didn’t think they had the skills to do, or even worse didn’t think they had been born with the talent.

You absolutely can learn to paint with the Moore Method of Painting.

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