How To Buy A Happy Home: Life Changing Myths & Mindsets

Choose a house that supports the life you dream of living. Home buying lessons you must learn before buying a house. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Contrary to public perception, you don’t buy a ‘Dream Home’. You buy the right house and create your dream home.
  • Understand the priorities in your life and how house choice will support or undermine your life goals.
  • You will learn to choose the right house that supports your personal goals and values.
  • Develop an understanding of how a house consumes both money and time and the impact of that on other life goals.
  • Choose home features and qualities that improve your marriage, family, career and personal financial goals.
  • This course will challenge common misperceptions about buying your ‘Dream Home’ and living happily ever after.
  • We prepare students to think more broadly about the value and purpose of a house in their lives.
  • We explore mortgage and budget decision impact on home satisfaction.


  • No special knowledge or tools are required.
  • An interest in home buying and creating your own happy home.


Schoolsdon’t teach people how to choose a life partner, manage money or buy a house. We simply learn by doing…often with devastating results. Online learning is such a great resource and offersthose with experience and knowledge a platform to help others. This course containsthe wisdom I would share with my younger self if that were only possible. Over the years I have made both good decisions and poor decisions on house purchases. As a real estate Broker in CaliforniaI have helped hundreds of people buy a house and I understand the way we all think during this exciting and demanding life choice.Take these lessons to heart and it will change the course of your life. Iguarantee it.

This is a fast paced and easy introduction to how people view the purchase of a house and how you can view it more realistically and productively. Most of are raised to want to buy a house and feel safe, secure and settled. Ican tell you from personal experience, buying the wrong house will leave you feeling unsafe, insecure and unsettled while you lie awake at 3 AM feeling a crushing sense of dread. Been there, done that. While I am truly an advocate for home ownership, it really is only viable at the right time, under the right circumstances and with the right house.

Buying a house is only one part of building the home you dream of living in. Dream homes are about people, relationships, experiences and creating memorable moments. If you are not living happily now, a differenthouse is not the solution to your problem. Spend too much and commute too far and your life will change in ways you never imagined.

This is a starter course to introduce students towhere we go right and wrong when buying a home.

While many of us have a romanticized image of finding our ‘dream home’, the reality is life comes with challenges. Anticipate and plan for them.The Social Security Administration says that only 5% of workers at retirement age will be financially independent, Bankrate has documentedthat76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and half of all marriages end in divorce. It’s not the regular latte’s that do the most damage, it is getting the big decisions completely wrong wreak havoc on the lives of unsuspecting house shoppers.

Buying a houseis a big and exciting transition, and is particularly important for launching each of uson the right path for a happy and successful life. Housechoice has a large impacton your family’s future, both personally and financially so this is something you want to get right.

Iteach andcoach home buyers across the country on balancing a house purchase with life goals. As such I seek one of three outcomes.

1) You cheese not tobuy a house. If it’s not the right time or circumstances, don’t do it now. Wait until the time is right for you.

2) You buy a different house. Most home buyersoverspend or add too much to their travel time. I encourage people to buy a house that leaves money and time for more important things in their lives… like people and experiences.

3) You buythe same house, but you are different. Choosing to make ahouse a priority is just fine as long as everyone understands and anticipates the challenges and sacrifice this will call for. Go in eyes open and informed and you will better prepared for a happy home life.

If you’re thinking about a house, take this course…you’ll know right away that this is life changing wisdom.

Author(s): Bill Joyce

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