[Free] Horse Riding And Equine Studies For Beginners

Horse behavior, horse riding basics and equine management – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • The way horses behave and move
  • What types of horses exist
  • What activities with horses are possible
  • Basic rules near a horse
  • Rider’s and horse’s equipment
  • The way to start riding: rules, posture and tools
  • Riding principles


  • No experience in horse riding or equine studies needed.


This course covers all the blocks a beginner should know in order to start horse riding. In just nine lectures Ill tell you the essentials in horse behavior, ways a horse can move, what types of horses exist and what sports and non-sports activities are possible with horses.
Also youll learn about basic rules you should follow near horses, equipment needed both for rider and a horse, what and and principles of riding and what to do when you just started riding.
Of course, horse riding is an absolute practical activity that you will progress with in the arena or at the field, but you need to study basic theory to study with a horse quickly and safely.

If you are interested in horses and horse sports, and are willing to know more about these amazing animals and horse riding this course is for you. It is better for beginners if you are just starting to study this sphere.

The course covers the following:

First part – What a horse is

  1. The way horse behave

  2. Horse movements

  3. Types of horses

  4. Activities with horses

Second part – Riding basics

  1. What to begin with? Basic rules near a horse

  2. Horse equipment: what is needed

  3. Riders equipment: what to choose

  4. Start riding: rules, posture and tools

  5. Riding principles

Author(s): Daria Dudorova

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