[25% Off] Guardian Angel Reiki- Certified Master Course

Combine the angelic energies with Reiki to become an Guardian Angel Reiki Master.

What you’ll learn

  • At the end of the course you will be a certified Guardian Angel Reiki Master
  • You will be able to activate your students at Guardian Angel Reiki
  • You will be able to do Guardian Angel Reiki treatments face to face and remotely
  • You will learn a Reiki method that refers to the classic method, with the addition of angelic energies


  • Having achieved at least the third level of Usui Reiki is an essential requirement


It is a popular notion that everyone has one guardian angel looking out for them throughout their lifetime. Actually, consider that this may not be the case. First, some people have more than one guardian angel. Sometimes this means they have a few guardian angels at a time, or sometimes their solo guardian angel

changes over the span of their lifetime. Also, not everyone has a guardian angel. Some people dont need guardian angels or are drawn to working with different types of entities than angels. (Have you ever wondered, for example, why some new age channelers never mention angels at all, but talk about working with ascended masters a lot? This is why. These people are not working with angels but other types of energetic beings.)

Sometimes, however, a person becomes disconnected from an angelic guide due to negative energies and thoughtforms that are blocking angelic connections. For these people, they may mistake lower vibrational entities for angels. And in the

worst case scenario, some people do not have guardian angels at all because theyve actually turned to evil and have pushed the light away from themselves.

Guardian Angel Reiki benefits

1. It enhances the connection between the Reiki practitioner and their own

angelic guardian, who can assist with healing.

2. It can give clients a direct feeling of angelic energy, personalized to them

and providing comfort.

3. It can remove negative blocks and thoughtforms around those who are

blocked from receiving angelic guidance.

4. It can help call in a new guardian angel for the recipient, whether they

already have a guardian angel or not.

The Guardian Angel Reiki energies are protective and gentle. They are easy to use and safe as well as effective. They cannot harm anyone, and they will connect the recipient only with the highest energies for their own good.

If you did not have a personal guardian angel prior to receiving this energy, you will once you have been attuned. This angel will be working with you on your healing sessions.

Please note that this energy cannot be used to assign guardian angels to those who have not asked for one. It may be tempting to send new guardian angels around the globe to certain people who you think might need one (because

maybe they are a bad person or someone you want to change). That just will not work.

The energy can, however, be used to send angelic distance healing. This is a wonderful way to spread more light into the world. Simply ask your guardian angel to send some healing to the person. It will help!

Author(s): Elizabeta Paunoska

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