Free Travel Hacking Tutorial – the complete guide to visit Marrakech, Morocco

The course that will make you move around Marrakech by yourselves and without a tour guide – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • After taking this course students will be able to travel and move around Marrakech without a tour guide.


  • No knowledge is required


This course was created to help people who wanna visit Marrakech to benefit more from their visit and save their time and money.

Well, according to my experience in selling products at a handicraft exhibition, I have met a lots of tourist and I was asking about their trips and they were complaining about things such as the highest prices, the deception of drivers, and sellers’ scams …etc. That’s why I was thinking about avoiding these problems and helping others enjoying their trips. And at the end of the day I found out that I have to create this course for the following reasons:

_Giving you some information and tricks about Marrakech that you cannot find online.

_Help you to be your own tour guide for more enjoyment.

_Help you make the best decision that can save your time and money.

In short, in this course I’m not gonna tell you where to reserve or where to eat, I’m just gonna help you make your own decision and reduce your cost as much as possible, without any advertisement.

But if I want to talk to you about a service that only one company that offers that service in Marrakech I’m ganna tell you its name and address neutrally without ads and the final decision is up to you.

And if you want a specific research or information about Marrakech that is not in this course don’t hesitate to leave a message for me.

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