Free Communication Skills Tutorial – Tinder: the complete online dating course for men

From profile design to setting up dates, find your next relationship online – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How to effectively design a profile and communicate on online dating apps
  • Example: what to say to start a conversation


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This course has been designed to teach you everything you need to know about online dating apps, from designing a profile to talking and setting up a date with potential romantic partners. Its 7 sections are:

– Introduction

– Pictures: what pictures to take and how to take them

– Description: how to design a high-value description

– Swiping: how to swipe to maximize your chances

– Conversation: the theory behind online conversation

– Text game analysis: 30+ real-life examples of texting

– Conclusion: tips and tricks to skyrocket your value on online dating apps

Everything you have always wanted to know about online dating is there. It’s a summary of years of experience, dozens of hours spent watching videos and reading books on the topic and hundreds of hours spent figuring out the psychology behind online texting and dating. Don’t waste your time trying to figure it out yourself, I have done it all for you!!

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