Dog Training for Humans – How to control your distracted dog

How to maintain great offleash control of your pet dog – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How to quickly, easily and safely get more control of your distracted dog


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Is it difficult to walk your distracted dog?

Is he more interested in every passing bird, person, dog or crisp packet that floats by?

Do you wish you had the confidence to allow your dog off leash exercise and not worry that he will run away?

Do you feel jealous when you see other dog owners with really well behaved dogs?

Then you need expert dog trainer and best selling author Dom Hodgson’s ‘How to control your distracted dog’ dog training course! Dom is the author of the Amazon bestselling How to Be Your Dog’s Superhero and in this jargon free course he shares the secrets to training your devilish dog.

This simple to follow course is perfect for pet dog owners who love their dogs but they have no control of them at the dog park. It is packed with easy to understand and actionable dog training tips that will transform your daily walks from arm jerking stress fests to calm and enjoyable experience for you AND your dog.

This course breaks down into easy to manage sections the seminar that Dom toured the UK with in 2017. You will hear in full how Dom went from being a hapless dog owner to a superhero dog trainer.

In this LIVE seminar recording you will learn;

Why you SHOULDN’T take your dog to the park – Many dog owners try and teach new behaviours at the park, but this inevitably leads to failure for the dog and frustration for the dog owner. Dom shows you how to play with and train your dog at home.

How dogs learn new behaviours (and why your dog does the annoying things he currently does…) – There are two main factors that influence why your dog behaves as he does. Dom explains exactly how dog’s learn without using any complicated and unessacrry dog trainer jargon.

Why you NEED to be a selfish dog owner – One of the secrets to enjoying stress free walks with your dog is to become a more selfish owner. If you provide all of the fun, food, stimulation and entertainment for your then he will ignore other dogs and stay close by your side. Dom breaks down exactly how to achieve that.

Why you SHOULDN’T allow your to play with other dogs – Dom made this mistake with the adventure dogs and this is something you need to avoid IF you want your dog to be safe off lead.

How to conduct a ‘Dog Audit’. – Dom demonstrates a LIVE ‘dog audit’ with his cocker spaniel Sidney. During the dog audit he finds out exactly what Sid’s favourite toys and treats are. You can follow along and do exactly the same with your dog (s).

How to build a strong and lasting bond with your dog – If you want to make your dog love you then you need to find out what his ‘Kryptonite’ is. The Kryptonite is the thing your dog loves above all else. Once you’ve found it you can use the Kryptonite to ‘pay’ your dog to do what you need him to do.

Who this course is for?

This course is perfect for beginner pet dog owners and also dog walkers who want to learn how to better control the dogs they exercise.

No previous dog training experiences is required.

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