[Free] Chess Opening: Anti-London System 2...C5!

Demolish the London System – Turn Up The Pressure As Early As Move Two! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Grab the lion’s share of the center by bullying the London Bishop
  • Get a positional advantage after 3.c3
  • Undermine the enemy’s grip on the center with devilish Queen moves
  • Secure near-instant equality against 3. dxc5


  • Be familiar with the basic rules of chess and how the chess pieces move
  • Lichess or Chesscom rating higher than 1000


Hi everyone!

Demolish the London System – Turn Up The Pressure As Early As Move Two!

In a modern chess world openings are becoming the important part of the game and for that reason it would be really helpful to increase your knowledge in this area. In this course, we are going to learn how to play against one of the popular and annoying opening that most of people don’t like and don’t know how to face, which stands for: London System

It’s for sure London was the decent chess opening for a long time, but due to new engines were releasing every year gave us the chance how to put the correct set up against it, even to get the advantage from the opening. In this Anti-London course we’ll cover how to play against 2. Bf4 and 2. Nf3; 3. Bf4 lines. The variantions that you’re going to learn will help you to get way more pleasant positions and of course better results too.

London System fanatics play the opening, not because it leads to an objective advantage, but because they can play it on auto-pilot. You can study this course in the next hour, and have a reliable antidote to the London System for the rest of your life.

Author(s): FM Daler Vakhidov

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