Astrology: The planets [From zero to hero]

Deep understending of one the most important elements of Astrology – the Planets

What you’ll learn

  • The main meanings of each planet in Astrology
  • The correlation of the planet with mythology, colors, metals etc.
  • Form your own astrological thinking
  • Start your way in the field of Astrology


In this course you will dive deep into one of the most important astrological topics – The planets. By understanding that aspect of astrology, you will be able to do first big steps into the word of ASTROLOGY. Planets are the key element in the natal chart. This is an alphabet, which we use to speak in astrological language.

This course consists of 15 granular video lessons. Complex things will be made easy. You don’t need any additional tools and knowledge to pick up on the course.

What you will get:

  • First steps to get started in astrology;

  • Also expand on your knowledge that you already have;

  • A thourogh explanation of the definitions of each planet;

  • The difference between same meanings that apply to different planets;

  • Correlation between a planet and colors, minerals, fields of activities etc. that we have in our life;

  • You will learn to translate from a human perspective to a language of stars.

Yesterday was the BEST TIME to start learning Astrology. Today is the BEST TIME to enroll !

!!! As an additional material you will get my own personal method to create your own astrological THINKING !!

It’s a great pleasure to work difficult topics out and be able to understand something that was difficult beforehand.

I trully belive, If it worked out for me, it will also work out for you! I believe in you.

Author(s): Natalia Puzakova

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