[Free] 8 Psychic Clairs For Reiki Practitioners &Amp; Energy Healers

Intuitive Spiritual & Psychic Gifts Enhanced by Energy Work & Meditation – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Definition of the 8 Clairs (Psychic Senses)
  • Characteristics of Clairvoyance
  • Characteristics of Claircognizance
  • Characteristics of Clairaudiance
  • Characteristics of Clairempathy
  • Characteristics of Clairsentience
  • Characteristics of Clairtangency
  • Characteristics of Clairsalience
  • Characteristics of Clairgustance
  • Guided Chakra Healing Meditation to Enhance and/or Support the Clairs with Crystal Singing Bowl


  • Experience in Reiki and/or Energy Healing is helpful, but not necessary. This course can serve as an informative resource for any curious spiritual seekers.


Much like we have five physical senses: seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling, we also have the potential to experience eight spiritual psychic senses (also known as clairs.)

As an experienced Reiki Master Teacher and sound healer I have noticed that my students and clients usually identify, experience, and/or utilize their dominant clair when learning, practicing, or receiving Reiki or a similar energy healing modality.

Over time, as healers and practitioners deepen their practice and as clients commit to meaningful and consistent healing work, it is common for additional intuitive and spiritual gifts to emerge.

This course is designed to serve as supplemental knowledge and support for Reiki practitioners, energy healers, bodyworkers, massage therapists, intuitives, yoga practitioners, meditation teachers, or anyone who is curious about the innate intuitive gifts that we experience during or after healing work or a spiritual awakening.

This course defines and highlights the most common characteristics of

  • Clairvoyance

  • Claircognizance

  • Clairaudiance

  • Clairempathy

  • Clairsentience

  • Clairtangency

  • Clairsalience

  • Clairgustance

After differentiating each clair, we will enjoy a guided chakra healing meditation with color visualization that is also accompanied by a crystal singing bowl. This meditation is designed to align and awaken each energy center and clear the path for enhanced and heightened intuitive and spiritual gifts to emerge.


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