Train And Deploy Deep Learning Models

Build your neural network using Keras, train it using Google AI-Platform then deploy it using Flask and Google Cloud Run

What you’ll learn

  • Build a deep convolutional neural network using Keras and tensorflow.
  • Leverage the power of transfer learning to get high accuracy on your classification task.
  • Use google cloud platform to make training and deploying your deep learning model easy and scalable.
  • Leverage the power of AI-Platform on Google Cloud Platform to focus on the training of your deep learning model and not on infrastructure.
  • Containerize your training code and deployment code to make sure your code runs smoothly and everywhere.
  • How to deploy your deep learning model as a web app using Flask and Cloud Run.


  • Basic knowledge of Python.
  • Basic knowledge of Keras (although I will be explaining the code thoroughly).
  • Some knowledge of cloud computing is a plus but not required.


This course will take you through the steps that a machine learning engineer would take to train and deploy a deep learning model. We will start the course by defining an end goal that we want to achieve. Then, we will download a dataset that will help us achieve that goal. We will build a Convolutional Neural Network using Tensorflow with Keras and then we will train this network on Google AI-Platform. After saving the best trained model, we will deploy it as a web app using Flask and Google Cloud Run. Throughout the course, we will be using Docker to containerize our code.

Author(s): Nour Islam Mokhtari

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