[25% Off] Required Javascript For Three.js Projects [2021] - Beginners

JavaScript basics to understand and use the three.js library

What you’ll learn

  • Get the web development foundations
  • Get programing fundations
  • Get knowledge of Object Oriented Programing (OOP) using JavaScript
  • Get a good understanding of EcmaScript6 Modules


  • No programing experience needed
  • Visual Studio Code installed.


In this course I will show you how to develop web projects using JavaScript to get ready to work with the three.js library.

As it is hard to understand everything from the beginning, I have prepared this course as an entry level JavaScript tutorial but covering all the topics that I consider important to understand and work with the three.js library.

I will start talking about web development in a local environment. Which means that you will not need to host your website on the internet. Because with Visual Studio Code installed you will use just a free extension named Live Server to create, in a couple steps, your own server into your own computer.

I will teach you what HTML is and how to use it, how to use CSS to make a nice button and how I wrote code in JavaScript.

I will teach you programming, variables, statements, functions, events.

What is a class, an object, a property, a method.

I will talk about different classes and objects that JavaScript has available to use., like Promise, Image, Audio, Math, Date, Window, Document,

Finally, I will show you what ECMAScript 6 modules are and how I use them.

Author(s): Federico Zacayan

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