Nr0-013 Teradata V2r5 In The Sql Practice Test

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Sample Questions

Q) Which three statements are true representations of the definitions? (Choose three.)

a) You can create an index on the view.

b) You can use derived tables in the presentation

c) You can use the ORDER BY clause in the view.

d) You can perform the aggregation in the presentation.

e) You can assign a new column names in the view.

Q) Which statement executes parameterized macro with the name ABC?

a) EXEC ABC (10, ‘ABC’);

b) EXEC ABC (10 ,: ‘ABC’);


d) EXEC MACRO abc (10, ‘ABC’);

e) None

Q) What are the three characteristics of the views? (Choose three.)

a) Views can contain a WHERE clause.

b) Views can be used to update the table.

c) Visits need to change if the columns added to the table.

d) Representation should not be affected if the columns added to the table.

e) Views provide an additional level of security or authorization

Q) What are the three safety reasons to use macros? (Choose three.)

a) This limits the need to grant privileges on tables and views that are used in the macro.

b) The privilege to create a macro can be limited to certain developers

c) Parameterized macro can be designed to use a parameter to control the table or view to access the macro.

d) Parameterized macro can be designed to use a parameter to restrict the access to a subset of data for the table or view that is used in the macro.

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