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  • Overall Concepts of Google Cloud Platform


  • Information Technology


Google Cloud Platform – GCP is fastest growing pubic Cloud Platform Services in the world.

Updates : Added BigData and Machine Learning offerings from GCP.

Google is developerfriendly and have provided almost all code example toGithut link ->github SlashGoogleCloudPlatform/

Google provide $300 creditto try/Learn GCP platform besides free tier , So you can even learn paid services which does not have free tier.

Note :This course has been created from Cloud Architect Certifications Course (- Paid version) to give you overall idea on Google CloudPlatform. So may find context mismatch.

Last year google has recorded 84% growth rate. Google in 2019 investing heavily in extending GCP services across the Globe.
Google has committed may more data centers to extend there reach.
GCP is already is prominent in Data Analytics, and Machine Learning offerings proven so many years and has added Storage, Compute platform , Database, Security and many more public cloud services for enterprises around world.
Google has private fiber optic cable around the world.. They have innovative data centers build to scale enterprise infrastructure and platform services requirements

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