FC0-GR1 CompTIA Strata Green IT Certified Practice Exam

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Sample Questions:

A bank runs 50 workstations and would like to decrease its electricity costs, while not sacrificing functionality. All of the workstations are high-end performance units that are intended to be used for CAD-like applications. Analysts benefit from the added performance, but tellers and associates could use more minimalist systems. Which of the following methods would decrease the banks electricity and hardware costs?

Swap all teller and associate machines with servers

Swap all teller and associate machines with thin clients

Swap all teller and associate machines with low-profile high-end workstations.

Swap all teller and associate machines with laptops.

A large company would like to roll out thin clients to all retail terminals on its next upgrade. Which of the following are potential risks of this IT plan?

Power consumption; thin clients use more energy than comparable workstations and therefore have a larger energy footprint

Single point of failure; if the thin client server goes down all machinesare without functionality

Centralized administration; IT staff cannot rely on localized group policy settings.

High cost of terminals; compared to traditional workstations, thin clients are very expensive and require more maintenance.

A company is trying to integrate managements new green IT policy onto a single server system. While the server does not host any applications that need to run continuously, the unit does need to be accessible to all users for file retrieval. Which of the following would be the MOST costeffective method to establish a green power policy for the machine?

EnableSpeedStep technology and hard disk power down for periods of low system utilization.

Install a smaller, lightweight server that runs continuously with a mirror image of the files found on the larger system.

Have the larger server auto shutdown after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Turn on Wake on LAN technology that would awaken the system for access requests.

Remove the current server and replace with a NAS device that is set to sleep after an hour of inactivity.

A large enterprise has 300 machines that utilize recent generation AMD processors. Which of the following could the enterprise implement to reduce power consumption when processors are not fully utilized?

Energy Star

Cool ‘n’ Quiet



CRT computer monitors are dangerous to the environment because they contain large amounts of toxic:

mercury and ascorbic acid.

mercuric oxide and nickel cadmium.

lead and phosphors.

lithium and zinc

All of the following are benefits of virtualizing a server EXCEPT:

reduced resource contention.

reduced time to recovery.

improved hardware utilization

reduced power consumption.

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