Create your own email marketing platform (AWS SES & Sendy)

Save big on your email marketing costs by setting up your own platform – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • About Sendy
  • About AWS SES
  • Setting up AWS SES for Sendy
  • Setting up Sendy on shared web hosting server
  • Using Sendy to create and send email marketing campaigns


  • A free tier AWS account
  • A domain name
  • Web hosting space (approx. 500 MB)


We came across Sendy, a self-hosted newsletter application, while searching for an email marketing platform that’s affordable and is on-par, in terms of quality, with other premium ones available out there. We have been using it ever since, not only for our company but for our clients as well.

Since we work with a lot of startups and small businesses, we thought that they can really save big on their email marketing costs if they use Sendy. However, not much information was available (except for a few Sendy setup tutorials) on how to set it up and how to use it. That’s why we created this course.

Through this course you will be able to setup Sendy from scratch and learn how to use it and integrate it with your business. With this knowledge, you can even offer Sendy as a service to your clients or start your own email marketing home business.

To leverage the full power of Sendy, you can set it up on an Amazon EC2 instance and get approximately 62000 email sends free per month. You can do this with the full version of this course. The full version also covers Sendy in-depth via hands-on approach. To know more about the full version of this course, check our website.

You can see our efforts in createing this course as a testament to the value Sendy brings on table.

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