[100% Off] Certified Appsec Practitioner (Cap) - Practice Exam

Test your knowledge on application security vulnerabilities and best practices with our CAP practice exam.


This practice exam is designed to help candidates prepare for the Certified AppSec Practitioner (CAP) certification by testing their knowledge and understanding of various application security concepts and best practices. The exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions (Scenario and situational-based) that cover topics such as input validation mechanisms, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, authentication-related vulnerabilities, OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities, server-side request forgery, authorization and session management flaws, insecure file uploads, code injection vulnerabilities, business logic flaws, directory traversal vulnerabilities, security misconfigurations, information disclosure, vulnerable and outdated components, and common supply chain attacks.

Candidates will have 1 hour to complete the exam and must score at least 60% to pass. The questions are designed to be challenging and reflective of real-world scenarios that security professionals may encounter in their work.

Additionally, this practice exam will help candidates become familiar with the types of questions and level of difficulty they can expect to encounter on the actual CAP certification exam.

To enhance the learning experience, the practice exam is designed to provide immediate feedback on each question, including the correct answer and an explanation of why it is correct. This feedback will help candidates to reinforce their understanding of the topics and improve their performance in areas where they may be struggling.

The exam is ideal for anyone who is preparing to take the CAP certification exam, including security professionals, application developers, system administrators, and others who are responsible for ensuring the security of applications in their organization. By successfully passing the practice exam, candidates will have the confidence and knowledge needed to pass the official CAP certification exam and demonstrate their proficiency in application security to employers and peers.

Overall, the Certified AppSec Practitioner (CAP) – Practice Exam is an effective tool for assessing knowledge and understanding of application security concepts and preparing for the official CAP certification exam.

This practice exam is not affiliated with the official CAP certification, but it aims to provide candidates with an opportunity to assess their readiness and identify areas where they may need to improve before taking the real exam.

The questions in this practice exam are solely based on the topics provided in the Exam Module of Certified AppSec Practitioner. We have carefully crafted a set of questions that cover the key areas of application security, including but not limited to secure coding practices, vulnerability assessment, secure deployment, and secure software development lifecycle.

We encourage you to thoroughly study the exam topics, review relevant resources, and gain practical experience in application security to enhance your chances of success in the Certified AppSec Practitioner exam. Good luck with your preparation, and we hope this practice exam proves valuable in your journey to becoming a certified application security practitioner!

Author(s): Faceless Instructor

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