BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum CBDE – Exams

BTA Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum CBDE – Practice Exams – 2021


The Certified Blockchain Developer – Ethereum (CBDE) exam is an elite way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in this emerging space. Additionally, you will become a member of a community of Blockchain leaders. With certification comes monthly industry updates via email and video.

Test your knowledge of:

  • Plan and prepare production ready applications for the Ethereum blockchain

  • Write, test, and deploy secure Solidity smart contracts

  • Understand and work with Ethereum fees

  • Work within the bounds and limitations of the Ethereum blockchain

  • Use the essential tooling and systems needed to work with the Ethereum ecosystem

This exam will test your skills of:

  • Implement web3.js

  • Write and compile Solidity smart contracts

  • Create secure smart contracts

  • Deploy smart contracts both the live and test Ethereum networks

  • Calculate Ethereum gas costs

  • Unit test smart contracts

  • Run an Ethereum node on development machines

  • difference between public, private, and permissioned blockchains

  • How blocks are written to the blockchain

  • Where cryptography fits into blockchain and the most commonly used systems

  • Common use cases for public blockchains

  • Common use cases for private & permissioned blockchains

  • What is needed to launch your own blockchain

  • Common problems & considerations in working with public blockchains

  • Awareness and of and the tech behind common blockchain

  • When is mining needed and when it is not

  • Byzantine Fault Tolerance

  • Consensus among blockchains

  • What is hashing

  • How addresses, public keys, and private keys work

  • What is a smart contract

  • Security in blockchain

Practice questions are the best way to learn. Self-learning is the most important part for Engineers, programmers, data scientists, and web developers.

We will also provide 24/7 help and technical support from the instructor.

Wish you best of luck for your exam.

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