AI 1: Fuzzy Logic, Labview and Arduino

Combine hardware and software techniques to create powerful AI (Fuzzy systems) to solve Real-World requirements – Free Course

Deal Score+5

What you’ll learn

  • Solve real world problems with fuzzy intelligent systems.
  • You will be able to use Arduino as hardware for your intelligent systems with Labview.
  • Create, robotic, domotic and industrial applications with fuzzy logic.
  • You will be able to design decision making intelligent fuzzy systems.
  • You will understand how fuzzy logic works and the mathematics behind this technique.


  • Labview 2014 or above with Control system and fuzzy logic toolkit installed.
  • You should have big motivation to learn applied artificial intelligence and cybernetics with labview and hardware based in hand-on. Not advanced mathematics required.
  • PC/laptop minimum 2Ghz CPU, 4Gb RAM.
  • You must know intermediate-advance Labview programming (like the Udemy course-Labview university Core I and Core II).
  • You must have basic electronic knowledge, protoboard, arduino UNO, resistors, potentiometers, leds, very easy
  • Basic understanding about open loop and closed loop control systems.


In this course you will learn Fuzzy Logic concepts and also you will apply this knowledge in real world applications to get you quickly for this amazing AI way, artificial intelligence also include hardware applications, not only software or code, for this reason here we will work with arduino as DAQ system.

Course is under construction, monthly will be updated.

This Course includes:

– How to implement fuzzy systems.

– How to design fuzzy systems.

– Understand and design of decision making Fuzzy Expert systems with examples.

The course also gives you:

1. Code templates: you will get dowloadable Labview code to complete by yourself with my help in lectures, understanding the goal and then solving the challenge.

2. Training support: when you are learning, there will be questions based on the lectures, I always answer the student’s doubts, but be careful, I won’t do your projects, I will teach you how to solve your own challenges, when you ask, depends on the other students question I will answer your question in +/- 72h.

3. Solutions for real world requirements: We will solve “simple” but real world requirements in the industry and also in home, it will be nice to share with you this knowledge… we will talk about interesting applications, helping to you to open your mind and understanding from simple systems going to complex systems.

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