Ultimate guide to Natural Health

Natural Healthfullnes – this course will give you an amazing strategy to stay healthy for the rest of your life!

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn the benefits of Natural Health, Fitness and wellbeing. The course emphasises the benefits of a natural and holistic approach to health.


  • The only prerequisites are to be human and to have an open mind and enjoy learning


This course is an introduction to a health and fitness strategy that is simple, common sense and scientifically sound. The reason is that it embraces a natural approach and Nature is where we, as humans have evolved for hundreds of thousands of years … of course our bodies thrive when exposed to movement, nutrition, rest and relaxation modes that have made us the most successful species on the planet. For thousands of years we have done stuff to survive or even to thrive – often we didn’t know precisely why we did those things – but now we do – the scientific endeavours of thousands of exceptional and dedicated people keep explaining repeatedly why, when we respect the wisdom of nature and the resilience of our forefathers we can and should adopt a natural approach to health.

For many of you guys out there you might be thinking how can I combine a modern urban lifestyle with natural health and fitness.

If you live in a city, at first, it may seem like a daunting task – when you look around you there is virtually nothing that isn’t human-made – maybe a few trees, a park each has been put in its place by well-meaning town planners.

So like all good humans, we adapt, and we use our imaginations.

Natural health in a city requires some compromise – compared to say a forest ranger who lives and works in the mountains – nature and natural are on his doorstep.

But natural health and fitness begins with your mind; it begins with a natural filter which you can develop to make the best choices when you are confronted with exercise, nutritional, and life balance options in your daily life.

The filter is simple: how would our body respond to an exercise or food designed and developed last month compared to an exercise or food that our ancestors have thrived on for thousands of years.

Take a movement example – which is more natural … standing on a treadmill in a gym basement watching re-runs of friends or being outside running, jumping, balancing and playing.

When it comes to food – how will your body react to a can of sugar-saturated soda compared to a local and seasonal salad.

We also need to understand why our brains and bodies prefer the soda, or the croissant or chocolate cake. During our evolutionary past, easy access, high energy, sugary foods were rare – we had to grab them when we could – wild honey would be an example – and we know how precious this energy source is by the lengths animals and humans will go to to get it.

Our bodies reinforce that this is a high energy source because it pumps out reward hormones and neurotransmitters. Nowadays that easy access high energy food source is everywhere and takes seconds to acquire.

Please join me on this course – an introduction to Natural Health, fitness and wellbeing. Health can be fun, it can be inspiring and it can be sustainable – come and see how.

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