punch accuracy training increase by Auxiliary training

Practice throwing three balls, juggling, and throwing two balls. To grab a coin And punching the ball for accuracy hit

What you’ll learn

  • Increased punch accuracy
  • Reaction will be faster.
  • Create special skills
  • Eyes and hands work together efficiently.
  • More confidence in the fist


  • There are no prerequisites for this course. Anyone can practice


How we practice boxing If we are able to punch the target with precision then it will be very much to the contempt of the boxer And the other side is the same if we punch in a mistake and not hit the target. Will make us frustrated And can become unappreciative Practice in this course will help us to punch. Get into your goals with precision We have to use training that allows our eyes and hands to work together.

We will use training in the form of throwing the ball. By throwing two and three balls, as well as practicing tossing and collecting in an upside-down hand like a boxing fist. And punching a goal that is a ball continuously with precision

Goal point in this exercise It is to develop the ability of the hand and eyes to work together well for precision punching. But we can also practice fun special activities and develop skills in areas that we are not familiar with before.

Choosing the equipment for that training We can find a device near you to customize it. Or to find a model that is more suitable for training, it will reduce the training time. Such as a ball that will be practiced to throw If we are going to use a tennis ball or a regular ball that is the right size, it will work. But when the ball has already hit the ground Will roll away, causing us to follow to collect Will cause a waste of time If we find a ball that is unique in that when it falls, it cannot roll anywhere far. It will help to save time in training.

Author(s): Chanuphon Yodsamai

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