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  • Keto Diet Basics – The Science Behind The Fad
  • Keto Diet Benefits
  • Keto Diet for health
  • Keto Diet and IF ( Intermittent Fasting )
  • Keto Diet and Disease


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Ketosis Science – Health Benefits Ketogenic Diet – Keto Diet

Ketosis For Health : Ketogenic Diet : Keto Food Plan : Keto & IF Benefits : Intermittent Fasting Ketosis : Keto Tracking

Although often described as a weight loss diet, ketosis is much more than that. When the keto diet is followed correctly, the health benefits are truly enormous.

It’s all about ketones , the nutritional bodies that are produced when the cells burn fat instead of sugar. The health benefits of the ketogenic diet are only just being discovered and researchers are publishing very exciting results of their studies into ketosis combined with IF ( Intermittent Fasting ).

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