A straightforward guide to healthy veganism

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What you’ll learn

  • What foods to eat on a healthy vegan diet
  • What plant foods contain nutrients scarce among plant foods
  • Benefits of plant wholefoods
  • Obtaining B12 and vitamin D on a vegan diet
  • How to increase bioavailability of iron and zinc on a vegan diet
  • Plant sources of EPA and DHA forms of omega3 fatty acids
  • How to boost conversion of ALA form of omega3 to EPA and DHA
  • How healthy veganism contributes to environmental sustainability
  • How vegan junk food degrades the environment
  • Obtaining complete protein on a vegan diet


  • Be able to understand English


How to be a healthy vegan is a straightforward guide to healthy veganism. More and more people are going vegan for different reasons. However, just because a diet is vegan doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. The purpose of this course is to provide information and guidance on creating a well-planned vegan diet filled with wholesome nutrition needed for attaining long-term good health. How to be a healthy vegan takes a holistic approach and strongly emphasizes that following other healthy habits like regular exercise is needed for optimal health.

The impact of a healthy vegan diet isn’t limited to achieving good health; such a diet also saves animals and is environmentally sustainable. All in all, the intended key benefits of this course are:

· Achieving good health

· Saving animals

· Promoting a clean planet

This course will be helpful for anyone:

· Considering going on a healthy, plant whole-foods diet

· Vegan but still not eating healthy

· Looking for an environmentally sustainable diet

· Non-vegan in need of information and advice on eating plant foods in a healthy fashion

· Flexitarian

· pescatarian

Please note that this isn’t a cooking course. However, students registered in this class are strongly encouraged to discuss recipe ideas in the Question and answer section.

I wish you the best of health on this journey to healthy veganism.

Asunta Simoloka

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