Get the Anxiety Reduction Techniques Used in Counselling

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What you’ll learn

  • At the end of this course, students will have a toolbox of proven techniques that can be used in their daily lives. Research studies show that regular practice of these techniques can reduce anxiety levels and promote calming effects. Students will also be able to distinguish between anxiety, stress and common strain. They will learn how to recognize when they are coping poorly and develop a plan to address their anxiety. It is important to complete the course in order and do the attached assignments and quizzes.


  • No prior knowledge of anxiety is required and no tools needed for this course although a pen and a notebook would be handy.


This course is designed for everyone who is experiencing high stress levels and anxiety and also for those who wish to learn more about relaxation techniques. These techniques are useful for those who suffer from anxiety disorders and those who want to learn some effective, simple stress reduction skills. These are the same techniques used commonly by counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists to reduce the anxiety levels of their clients. 

This course is taught by a Registered Therapist who specializes in Anxiety. The course introduces anxiety and why and how it works in the body and mind then continues a format that allows each student to develop their own individualized anxiety recovery plan!

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