Genetics And Molecular Biology

Molecules of heredity – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • This is the first part of a set of genetics and molecular biology courses for medical students. During this 2 hour module, you will experience:
  • 1. Unfolding of the complex loops, coils, rosettes and solenoids to reveal the slender DNA strands wound around the tiny histones particles.
  • 2. A deep dive into the wonderful world of nucleotides and how they polymerize to form the amazing architecture of the molecules of heredity.
  • 3. A peek into the life of prokaryotes; our mini study models which provide us the cutting, pasting, shipping and multiplying tools for experimenting with genes.
  • 4. A circular ride through the complexities of the eukaryotic cell cycle. How one stage triggers the onset of the next until two identical daughter cells are created.


  • Knowledge of high school level biology and chemistry.


This course is basically designed for medical students; however, it is also an invaluable resource for students of other health related disciplines like biotechnology, pharmacy, nursing, biophysics, bio-engineering, bioinformatics and dentistry. In addition to the well-illustrated video lectures, the core concepts are reinforced with quick review sheets and end of lecture quizzes.  

This module describes the structure and functions of nucleotides and nucleic acids, and explains how the linear DNA in a human cell is packaged in a highly organized and compact manner within the 23 pairs of chromosomes without being entangled. There is special segments on prokaryotes as our model organisms and stages of the eukaryotic cell cycle.

Keeping in view, the volatile nature of this subject, and the fact, that medical students are already confronted with an overwhelming volume of medical terminology; the most challenging concepts are presented in a simple and palatable format using animations and mnemonics. Furthermore, each section emphasizes the medical relevance of biochemistry with clinical and research applications. 

Author(s): Fatahiya Kashif

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