Free Weight Loss Tutorial – How to Lose 15lbs in 30 Days

The Worlds Most Comprehensive Weight Loss Course – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How to structure a mindset that will keep you on track
  • What to eat to maximize weight loss and fat burning
  • Exercise concepts and strategies
  • Calculating ideal heart rate for weight loss and fat burning
  • Complete workout schedule for weight loss
  • How to use fasting to burn fat
  • How to burn fat and lose weight (without a gym membership)
  • Correct supplementation
  • How to overcome food addiction (impeding your weight loss)
  • How to measure body fat% at home
  • Understanding calories and macronutrients
  • How to manipulate insulin to burn fat and lose weight


  • Must be ready to get results


In this course I will challenge the way you have thought about food and weight loss.  I will provide you a new lense to view weight loss in a way that will challenge you, but also provide you with simple hacks that I can guarantee will maximize your weight loss as long as you have the power to stick it out and take it seriously.  There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to losing weight and burning fat effectively.  My goal with this is to get down to the science behind the body and the food we eat, and how these components are interconnected to function together like the right key going into the right lock.  When the right combinations are activated you are able to maximize your bodies potential for fat loss and muscle building and improved health.  There are no shortcuts outside of knowledge and understanding.  Its time to open your mind to a new way of thinking about weight loss and fat burning that I can guarantee will change your life and your relationship with the food you eat and the lifestyle you live.

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