Free Poi Spinning Tutorial – Mastering the Poi Basics

A crash-course for learning to dance confidently and gracefully with all the basic moves and transitions of poi – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Move confidently and gracefully with all the fundamental movements of poi… as long as you put all the lessons into practice!


  • You will need to know most of the basic moves and turns of poi: Weaves, windmill, inward and outward butterfly, split-time butterfly, buzzsaw, and corkscrew


Mastering the Poi Basics is for those who know most or all of the basic moves of poi (weaves, windmill, butterfly, etc.) but who can't flow comfortably and confidently with them yet.

We will take a detailed tour of all the basics as defined by Nick Woolsey. As we go, we will look at several foundation-level concepts about mastery. You will learn to beautify your planes, rhythm and timing, footwork and turns, and to disassemble and explore the moves so that you can become truly expressive with them.

There are about 15 videos at the time of publication. You should be able to go through all the videos in a couple of weeks, but putting the concepts into practice will take months. In fact, to truly achieve "mastery" with all these concepts would take years. Fortunately, playing with any of these concepts will immediately begin to impact your poi spinning in positive ways.

This course will help you to feel empowered with the poi moves you already know, and it will prepare you to go onwards into intermediate and advanced poi.

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