Free EFT Tutorial – Free of PTSD

How to use PTSD events to your advantage to quickly live a life no longer negatively affected by it. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to use each negative situation to their advantage by using simple healing modalities.
  • EFT Techniques, Hypnosis, and Reiki Healing will be taught to help students through their triggers and worries.
  • Learn how to overcome all kinds of trauma.
  • Stop having flashbacks, anxiety and depression.
  • This course is for anyone who has suffered a traumatic event that they are struggling to deal with.


  • An open mind, a device to connect to zoom and the course material. The willingness to apply the techniques along with us.


This is a beginner course to show students how to use their PTSD ‘episodes’ to live a more peaceful and possibly PTSD free life. Through a series of experience-based and guided exercises students will learn and practice at the same time, gaining valuable skills they can readily apply to their every day life and specific situation. The practice is key and we provide tons of it throughout the course, specifically designed to help those who have been affected by PTSD overcome their hurdles and finally live a fulfilling and happy life. EFT techniques and hypnosis work amazingly well together in helping us create new responses to stimuli and in return live free of the old damaging patterns that we never wanted in the first place but were “imposed” at some point during our lives. Nobody wants to suffer and most people cannot heal just on their own. This course is an affordable opportunity to start our healing journey and to find Emotional Freedom for life long old damaging patterns that most often than not were simply imposed upon us when unable to consciously say “No, thank you”. We are all different and we all need slightly different techniques and formulas to heal, this course is designed to get you started and bring you to a more peaceful level of “chaos” where you are able to then sort each hurdle at your own comfortable pace but still in a timely fashion.

Please, note that none of this material is intended as medical advice or a substitute for actual help by a professional. We are simply sharing extra tools anyone can use in addition to the therapy they are already using. Please use this course at your own discretion and remember you are always at the center of this and nobody can make you do anything you are not willing to do yourself.

This is not meant as medical advice of any kind.

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