Authentic Fighting Tai Chi-chen New Frame Routine (xinjia) 1

A Detailed Chen Style Tai Chi, a Gem revealed! Go Decoding the Essence of Tai Chi with David in this Amazing Journey

What you’ll learn

  • Chen Style Tai Chi New Frame Routine One 84 Postures
  • The Concept of Qi – inherent vital energy
  • A system of deep breathing exercises.
  • Self defense skills using Tai Chi
  • Apply Tai Chi into sweating workout.
  • To keep mental and physical fitness
  • To achieve mindfulness and relaxation


  • No, can be anyone without any basic
  • No gear or special equipment needed


There are  84 postures and around 2000 movements in New Frame Routine ( called Xin Jia). Each detailed movement contains its application in fighting, very similar to Karate style.

Go through such deeper topics are challenging but exciting for me! Tracing back to the original and know the reason and logic behind it! I may start a new courses to compare Chen Tai Chi style Lao Jia (Old Frame Routine), Chen Style Tai Chi  New Frame Routine and Yang Style Tai Chi.  

Let we continue our amazing journey to explore and decode the Essence of Tai Chi together!

Keep fit! Keep fun!

Chen Style Tai Chi  New Frame Routine ( called Xin Jia), can traced back to Chen Fake or Ch’en Fa-k’e (; 18871957), a Chinese martial artist who taught Chen-style t’ai chi ch’uan.  He was born and raised in Chen Family Village (Chenjiagou, ) in Henan province. In 1928, Chen Fake moved to Beijing to teach his family’s inheritance; Chen-style t’ai chi ch’uan. Chen Fake did not leave any written articles. In  “Chen Style Taijiquan” , edited by Shen Jiazhen and Gu Liuxin, and was published by People’s Sports Publishing House in December 1963, we can see illustrations based on Chen Fake’d posture photo.

Chen Zhaokui (, 1928 1981) was the third son of Chen Fake. He trained many of the current Chen style t’ai chi ch’uan practitioners throughout China. His son, Chen Yu (, 1962 ) is teaching Chen style around the world.  His student Ma Hong (1927-December 22, 2013) who wrote  Chen Style Taijiquan Illustrations”.

I keep  Shen Jiazhen and Gu Liuxin’s book “Chen Style Taijiquan” and  Ma Hong’s  Chen Style Taijiquan Illustrations” book for many years.  “Chen Style Taijiquan” is great in theory and keep Chen Fake postures (in Er Lu) and Chen Zhaokui posture (in Yi Lu). Ma Hong’s  Chen Style Taijiquan Illustrations” give the detailed documentation of New Frame Routine.   I am determined to present this  New Frame Routine ( called Xin Jia) in detail and explain in English.

Author(s): David Yao

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