Anxiety Warriors

Become an Anxiety Warrior and help us save lives! – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Become an Anxiety Warrior! Learn the skills to help people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety online and out in the world. Learn how to handle a cry for help without judgement or opinion. Learn the tools that professionals use and help the Anxiety Warriors save lives.


  • Have empathy for people surviving with depression, anxiety and stress.


Anxiety Warriors is a course for everyday people who are in community groups or online groups where they come across people surviving with depression, anxiety and stress. This workshop will give you the tools professionals use for dealing with disclosure and how to give someone the right words. We want to save lives by training up as many Anxiety Warriors as we can. It is too easy to say cliche comments that damage people in crisis. Judgemental comments can seriously harm a person and stop them from ever asking for help again. Survivors often don’t want to seek professional help, so they go into social media groups for support. This thirty minute course will help you save lives.

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