Alzheimer’s Disease: Know Your Enemy

This course is an introduction to one of the greatest enemies of our modern world: Alzheimer’s Disease.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will achieve a good basic understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and what they can do to prevent it, or postpone the onset of the disease later in life.


  • You don’t need any prior knowledge to do this course. You will need some paper, a pen and a printer if you wish to print some of the supplements. But this is not essential.


Alzheimer s disease is a global killer, affecting more that 50 million people worldwide today. That number is also expected to double in the next 20 years as the worlds population ages.

In developed Countries Alzheimers is now the third biggest killer according to the World Health Organisation.

In people who are 85 years or older we find that almost half start showing symptoms of Alzheimers.

Dementia, for which Alzheimers is the biggest contributor, is not a normal part of aging. Yet it affects more than 10 million people each year. Thats a number bigger than some countries entire populations.

Researchers have identified many potential causes, and from all the medications developed none have proven effective in curing the disease.

Your best hope lies in prevention not a cure, which means, your future rests in your own hands. You cant wait around and hope that someone comes up with a magic cure.

This course will give you what you need to know about Alzheimer’s disease, so that you can learn about one of the worlds biggest killers and start a process of protecting yourself against it by building your own preventative strategy.

Join me today as we explore this topic and discover what we can do to improve our chances of living into our golden years with our memories intact.

Author(s): David Barton

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