Acupressure For Beginners : Acupressure Principles

Acupressure For Beginners : 8 Questions Answered – Acupressure Principles : Practical Acupressure For Beginners – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Know what an acupressure energy point is
  • Know how to find the acupressure energy points on the body
  • Know how to apply Acu-pressures to the points
  • Know how long the pressure should be held
  • Know how to practice Acupressure in an "accurate" and effective way
  • Know what makes the Acupressure touch, an "accurate" Touch
  • Know what makes the inner intention, an "accurate" Intention
  • Know what makes the breathing, an "accurate" Breathing


  • There are no pre-requisitesfor this Acupressure – curiosity and/or keenness for natural healing is enough!


Acupressure is a natural health technique easily accessible to beginners. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This free course is an introduction to my other practical courses concerning how to “Manage various emotions with Acupressure”. So as such it is not a practical course by itself where you learn where are the points for example. But it does include all essential guidelines for your future Acupressure practice.

In the course, after a quick introduction about the energy points, you will understand how to use the synergy of the 3 essential elements of Acupressure: Touch, Breathing, Intention.

You will inderstand why and how they are important if you plan to get any real deep and lasting benefit from your Acupressure practice.

Because indeed, Acupressure is a great way to improve your daily life and support your desire to change and/or to be relieved from most common physical or emotional disorders.

Last but not least, Acupressure never adversely affects the course of medical treatment (analgesic, antidepressant, anxiolytic ) quite the contrary.

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Author(s): Sonia Bruce

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