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What you’ll learn

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  • Analyze and understand an income statement (even if you have no experience with income statements).

  • Analyze and understand an balance sheet (even if you have no experience with balance sheets).

  • Analyze and understand a cash flow statement (even if you have no experience with cash flow statements).
  • Analyze financial statements using profitability ratios: Gross Margin (Cost of Goods Sold / Revenue), Operating Margin (EBITDA/ Revenue), Net Profit Margin (Net Income / Revenue), Return on Assets (Net Income / Assets) and Return on Equity (Net Income / Equity).
  • Analyze financial statements using debt and inventory formulas: Debt to Assets (Total Liabilities/ Total Assets), Debt to Equity (Total Liabilities/ Total Equity), Interest Coverage Ratio (EBITDA / Interest) and Inventory Days on Hand (Inventory / Cost of Good Sold) * 365.


  • You don’t need to have any accounting or financial experience as we will cover all of the concepts from scratch.


Hi I’m Philip! I’m a professional CPA instructor and creator of Breezy CPA Review.

Join me in helping you better understand Auditing and if you’re studying a CPA, this course can help you pass.

This course is meant for everyone no matter what your accounting level, so no excuses…come take a look!

No matter your career path, everyone should understand the basics of accounting. Start here with a straightforward walk-through of the Auditing Process.

All are welcome to this introduction to the world of accounting — Philip explains each spreadsheet in plain language, ensuring you walk away with the ability to understand essential financial information. After taking this class, you’ll have a better understanding of the Auditing process no matter what your skill level is.

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