How To Be The Most Productive Accounting/Bookkeeping Expert

Once you complete this course you will have a roadmap for a balanced life both inside and outside your business. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Time Management and Effectiveness
  • Personal Development – Strengths, knowing yourself, and perpetual growth

  • Having a life outside of the business (keeping your eyes on the prize)


  • be able to set aside 30 min a day to map your game plan


A productive accountant completes the tasks before time and has the capability to do more.

However, productivity does not essentially mean working 24/7.

On the contrary, a productive accountant is good at keeping a work-life balance.

It is no mystery that accounting professionals have to work day in and day out to fulfill the client’s requirements.

Hence, to be on top of their game, they have to keep a balanced work process without stressing their mental faculties.

This course teaches you what every accountant must imbibe to lead a productive lifestyle.

What this course is…

– A high-level overview of the concept of being an effective, productive and balanced entrepreneur. Without these skills your business and your life will suffer.

– A starting place to get you used to assessing your strengths, managing your time, and ensuring balance in your life

– An active DOING course – you get results by actively participating in the course. That means doing the exercises and working on your business and yourself.

What this course is not…

– A magic genie: rub the course and it will change your life. YOU have to change your life. You have to do the work.

– An encyclopedia chock-full of concepts, theories, and scientific data. I do supply the relevant data and theories; however, it’s in context to your life and your business – it’s more than a collection of seemingly random facts, much more.

– An all-encompassing guide to being the perfect entrepreneur. First off, perfection doesn’t exist. Life, and business, is a process.

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