Free Trade and Commerce Tutorial – Air Export Forwarding

Air Export Clearance & Forwarding Procedure – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • A good understanding on current procedure in arranging Air Freight Shipments.
  • Master the basics of international trade and practical aspects of Shipping goods by Air Cargo.
  • To bring efficiency in day to day work during Air shipment processing.


  • Interest to enter International Trade and Logistics.
  • Should have basic communication skills.
  • English language, all courses are written in English as this is the primary language of global business.
  • Computer, internet connection.
  • A valid e-mail address.


Firms specializing in arranging transportation of Goods from one point to another point, internationally, on behalf of shipper are Freight Forwarder. They usually hire resources with Skills mostly, in some cases they hire fresh graduates and train them at work. Since providing training on the job is time consuming factor and sometimes the duration also long, depending on profile and staff ability to adopt quickly.

Because a Freight Forwarder provides a full range of services including,

Inland transportation,Preparation of Shipping and Export Documents, Warehousing, Booking cargo space, Negotiating Freight Charges, Freight consolidation, Cargo insurance, Cargo Tracking and more.

However, things have changed lately. Resources with qualification on Shipping and Logistics have started to storm the industry, which is a welcoming sign. Since International Forwarding working process is sensitive and require skilled resources with different capacities.

So anyone can choose International Logistics as career, depending on their capability they can choose their job profile. However it is necessary that a clear understanding of the procedure from Point A to Point B, is highly recommended, because usually it take long time for a new recruit to understand the procedure at workplace due to time pressure.

The course has the following topics, focusing of Air Cargo Shipping:

1. Air Cargo Introduction

2. Cargo Booking

3. Air Cargo Documentation

4. Export Clearance Procedure

5. Rating and Weight Calculation

6. Airline Operations

7. Import Clearance and Delivery

We made it simple by choosing to offer you the actual procedure adopted by every freight forwarding company on day to day basis.

Our session will be useful for staff who are part of Importer, Exporter and Freight Forwarding firms.

Also for new entrants, understanding the subject and handling job interview, make the new entrant more confident and chances of securing the job is high.

In order to extend our hand to all aspiring new entrant, after observing the progress in International Logistics, we have developed a content which is simple to understand. The information understood by learner is also retained because it is an animated series. A learner can take notes about the contents, and use them at work place or they can reach us for clarification.

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