Free Investing Tutorial – Zero To One Million – One Stock At A Time

How to build your wealth investing in the stock market every month. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how you can become a millionaire by investing a small amount each month into one or two quality stocks.
  • Discover how to build long term wealth by investing in stocks and not just buying index ETFs.
  • Discover an interesting, powerful and rewarding alternative to passive index investing.
  • Learn time-tested rules that can be used to make quality long-term investments.


  • Have some basic understanding of the stock market.


On this course, we will be talking about a simple, robust strategy for investing your monthly income. The goal is to show that anyone can become a millionaire by investing a small amount into the stock market each month. This is my alternative to index investing.

These days, if you ask someone how to invest in the stock market, chances are theyll point you to a cheap index fund. Something like SPY that invests in 500 of the largest US stocks. Or VTI, from Vanguard, which owns almost 4000 stocks.

Index investing has taken off. Over 20% of US assets are invested in index funds and this figure continues to grow. Some have even suggested that over 40% of funds are invested in index funds.

Now, I love index funds because they provide a really easy way for anyone to invest in the stock market. But there are other ways to invest too and on this course I want to show you an alternative to index funds that I believe is more interesting, more fun, and if you do it right, more powerful.

Essentially, were going to look at a strategy that buys one or two quality stocks each month.

Each month, you save some money and you put that into one or two high quality investments. Do this for long enough and youll eventually build up a portfolio of tens or even hundreds of different stocks, each one bought at an attractive price.

This is the method I am using to invest in shares for my own retirement. So far its been going really well. And on this course I show you exactly how to do it too.

Make no mistake this is a long term approach thats designed to grow your wealth over 10, 20, 30 years. Its not a strategy to make you rich overnight and its not a strategy for a lump sum, this is a strategy you can use to invest your monthly income or savings.

This is also a strategy that Ive backtested extensively on historical data and if you start now and you commit to this strategy, you can become a millionaire.

On this course we concentrate on two variables. How much can you save and what return can you get on those savings.

It’s these two variables that will decide how quickly you can get to one million dollars.

  • If you can invest $500 a month at an annual rate of 8% you’ll have a million in 34 years

  • Invest $1000 a month at an annual rate of 10% and you’ll be a millionaire in 23 years

  • Invest $2000 a month at an annual rate of 12% and you’ll have a million in just 16 years

Id love to hear what you think of this strategy and Id love to hear about the stocks youre investing in. So please take this course and lets get started.

Author(s): Joe Marwood

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