Engineering Economics

Engineering Economics and Financial Management – Free Course

Deal Score+3

What you’ll learn

  • Engineering Economics
  • Cash Flow Flow Diagram,
  • Present Worth Method
  • Future Worth Method
  • Annual Worth Method, Depreciation etc
  • Rich Collection of Solved Numericals.


  • No Prior of the course knowledge


From this course the students will be able to learn the following :-

1. Introduction to the Subject and Basic Concepts

2. Intrest formulas and Applications.

3. Present Worth Method with Examples.

4. Future Worth Method with Examples.

5. Annual Equivalent Method with Examples.

6. Rate of Return Method with Examples.

7. Replacement and maintenance Analysis with Examples.

8. Simple Probabilistic Model with Examples.

9. Depreciation with Examples.

10. Evaluation of Public Alternatives with Examples.

Concepts of Engineering Economics and Numericals in depth have been discussed in this course.

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