Complete Day Trading With Technical Analysis- Live Trading

Day trading the stock markets with: Technical Analysis, Stock trading, Financial trading, and live day trading strategy! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to take trades in a live stock market
  • How to place a buy and sell order in trading
  • The breakout strategy and how to use it in a live market
  • How to find the right criteria when buying and selling stocks
  • how to use VWAP, Level 2, And time and sales to predict a stock breakout
  • how to make consistent profits using the breakout strategy


  • Understanding of basic economics
  • Able to download Thinkorswim brokerage account
  • Ability and eagerness to learn the stock trading world


What will you learn in this course?

  • how to day trade live in the markets

  • how to use the breakout strategy to be consistent in the stock market

  • how to use the breakout strategy to place live trades

  • using the technical indicator VWAP to calculate our position when getting in to a stock

  • using level to as a way to predict a breakout in the markets

  • how to actually place a order in trading

  • how to find the right stocks to trade

This course is not just another day trading course:

This course has been designed to not teach you the fundamental aspects of trading, but how to actually place trades live and what that looks like. whenever we first get in to trading we always have an instructor who teaches us what trading is about and how it can helps us, but never shows us how to just place trades live and show us how much money we can make from the stock market. my goal is to help take out the confusion that comes with the simplest things such as: just placing a trade, and what the even means

this course is designed for not only beginners eager to make money in the markets, but also those who have been trading a need a strategy that helps elevate their trading. the weeks that went in to building this course is for those who want to learn how to really trade without all the extra nonsense all these instructors place on their students. it is to create and help a community of people to really get them engaged and asking questions on how they can trade live and what that looks like for them at any level. beginner or experienced. so take this course to further your life and excel your learning curve in the world of day trading! I answer all questions sent my way to help those who really want to learn how to day trade

Why should I learn from you?

1. I am a qualified financial advisor:  I have my series 57

2. I have consistently made 6 figures for the past 4 years of stock trading

3. I show you what the world of trading really looks like, and how you can join it by using a strategy you can implement today! and if you have any questions or need help breaking down a chart, or even being able to fund out what charting platform to use, or which broker! I am always here to help, because I understand what it’s like to be a new day trader, and I want to speed up your learning curve 🙂

Author(s): Josiah Pernell

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