Boom & Crash Index Strategy | Masterclass

Catching spikes with precision and accuracy – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction
  • What is Boom and Crash
  • Supply and Demand
  • Understanding Break of Market Structure
  • Orders Blocks
  • Bearish Order Blocks
  • How to Trade Order Blocks
  • Stop Hunts
  • Understanding Stops Hunts
  • Buy Stop Liquidity
  • Sell stop Liquidity
  • Bonus + Lifetime access to the course and an up to date


  • You need meta trader 5 to practice and follow through
  • You must have account with Deriv


Do you want to start Trading indices & become a successful trader? If the answer is yes then you are on the right profile.

Hey, my name is Patrick and I am a professional Forex, stock, and indices Trader and I have been trading for over 9 years.

I pride myself on being the best trading mentor you’ll ever work with.

The approach to forex trading and the skills you will learn can be applied to Stock trading, Currency trading, Indices, Day Trading, and many more

In this course Package, you will learn exactly how to trade Indices like Boom and Crash. You will gain an understanding of how the market moves and what drives the market. This is not a fluffy filly but the laws that govern the nature of the market. You will gain enough confidence and altogether what works and does not work on the market. You will minimize the risks of losing unnecessary trades or capital. Because what you are going to learn in this course has a proven track on the win rate of 97% provided you follow what is taught therein.

Why me?

  1. I have been trading for 9 years and I have a proven track record of verified trading results

  2. As a trusted trading mentor I will teach you strategies that fit your needs, availability, and push you towards becoming a profitable Forex,

  3. I have been mentored by the very best forex mentor in the forex industry which will now be passed down to you

  4. This course has been tailored to meet your own requirements, needs & goals.

Don’t waste time with inexperienced “gurus” and “signal providers” who overpromise but can’t deliver.

Author(s): Wisdom Patrick

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