Bitcoin Leverage Trading – Master Your Risk Management!

Stop listening to YouTube “gurus” who use 50x or 100x leverage randomly and protect your Bitcoin now. Workbook included! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn how I am properly managing risk when leverage trading Bitcoin and other assets.
  • You will learn how I am limiting the risk and calculating my Risk:Reward Ratio on every trade.
  • You will learn how I am determining my position size and leverage based on the level of risk.
  • You will learn how I am managing counterparty risks when trading Bitcoin and other assets.
  • Please note that this is NOT a technical analysis course, so I won't provide any strategies, indicators, signals etc.
  • Please note that this is NOT financial advice in any way, shape or form. I am NOT a financial advisor.


  • There are no requirements for taking this course, except for the willingness to learn and improve your trading skills.


So many traders get this wrong and blow up their accounts fast! Why?

Well, trading involves three main components, each of them equally important for being a profitable trader.

  • Good technical analysis

  • Proper risk management

  • Psychology and emotional control

Of these three key components, this course is focused on the second one – risk management – and how most traders get this wrong and end up blowing up their accounts. This is not a TA course, nor a trading psychology training, so don’t expect any indicators, strategies or mentoring. Instead, what many traders (especially beginners) tend to ignore is how to properly manage their risk, position sizing and leverage when trading Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and other assets, in general.

Here’s the structure of this course. It is very important that you do not skip any section/video/lecture!

  • Introduction

  • The Simple Math Behind a Profitable Risk:Reward Ratio Strategy

  • Risk Determines the Correct Position Size and Leverage. Not Vice Versa!

  • Bonus Section

In the end, please understand that the information in this course is NOT financial advice and we are NOT financial advisors. Also, we do not endorse any cryptocurrency, project, product or service mentioned throughout this course. We’re just sharing our own cryptocurrency evaluation metrics and strategy, hoping it will bring some clarity in your crypto portfolio building process as well. Ultimately, it’s solely your job to do your own research!

The content in this course is NOT sponsored, endorsed or recommended by any of the platforms, services, products or projects mentioned within.

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