Xml For Absolute Beginners: Learn To Create Your Own Tags

XML is a popular standard for exchanging data between applications and organisations

What you’ll learn

  • Choose a root tag
  • Create your own custom tags
  • Create an XML document Structure
  • Generate an XML document
  • Create nested tags


  • You should be familiar with HTML and basic CSS


XML is a mark up language used to record data which isreadable to both people and also a range of software applications. XML is usedextensively in the publishing world to fill layouts with content and enablepeople with no database development skills to build data structures with ease.
XML is a popular standard for exchanging databetween applications and organisations.

This course will teach you the very basics of XMLfrom the syntax to document structure.

The course is video based and less than 1 hourlong.

What you will learn includes:

  • How to write a proper XML syntax
  • How to create your own custom tags
  • How to set a root element
  • How to create nested child elements
  • How to create a document structure
  • How to use comments

Author(s): Bluelime Learning Solutions

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