The Ultimate Guide To Add Social Media Login to PHP Web Apps

Learn How To Code and Integrate OAuth2 Facebook Google and GitHub Signup and Login to Your Website Using PHP

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What you’ll learn

  • How to Add Facebook Login to any PHP Website
  • How to Add Google Login to any PHP Website
  • How to Add GitHub Login to any PHP Website
  • Working wth Third Party Libries and API's


  • Basic Understanding of PHP
  • Already have a PHP Login and Registration System if Integration is Your Goal
  • Free Facebook Account
  • Free GitHub Account
  • Free Google Account
  • Text Editor
  • Basic Knowledge of Composer PHP Dependency Manager


In this series you will learn how to add different social media loginoption to your existing PHP web application. This course will coverFacebook Graph PHP SDK, Google Client API and GitHub API for Login.

Nowadays, filling big registration forms are boring and time consuming. With one click, you can get the complete valid user data from any of the social networking sites like facebook, google, microsoft, linkedin and github which are trending at the moment.

OAuth login is definitely a must have login system for any PHP web based projects. OAuth login is quick and easy, which helps to increase your website registrations.

Social Media Logins makes it extremely easy for new users to join your website, your client base can grow exponentially within a very short time.

My Approach

I employ a project based approach for all my courses. In this series I use simple examples that can be easily understood to illustrate concepts and build upon it.

Timely Support !

If you ever encounter any problem why taking this course, don’t worry I am always here to help and guide you through.

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