The complete HTML series with CSS and examples

Learn Web Designing using HTML and CSS with examples

Deal Score+3

What you’ll learn

  • How to create/design web pages
  • How to style web pages

  • How to customize web pages


  • Editor
  • PC
  • Browser


You can now start your career I web development with basic HTML and CSS. If you are learning or planning to learn web development then HTML and CSS are the two most important thing for a new web developer because. Believe me, they are very easy to learn. If you want to build web site/pages this course will help you to learn the basic concepts of markup language and cascade styling sheet.

I will teach you to step by step from scratch so you can easily understand the basic and fundamental concepts of HTML and CSS because every webpage that you see on the internet is built in the markup language.

Even if you are not related to programming and you are working on CMS system like WordPress then diffidently you have to familiar with the theme to customize your theme and templates.

I will start from scratch what is HTML and how to download and install the editor, we will discuss the elements and how to use them. Then definitely we will discuss the case.

As you know the CSS – short for Cascading Style Sheets – you can make attractive HTML/web pages.

Basic: We start from scratch, What is CSS and where to start.

Advance: When you know the basic CSS then We will cover the advanced concepts on how to use Div, inline and block level elements.

Yes, this course consists of theory but mostly practice you can easily understand all the concepts behind the CSS.

Here’s what’s inside the course in detail.

  • What is HTML

  • Downloading and installing the Texteditor

  • What is makeup language

  • What are tags and how to use them?

  • Lists, Images, links, anchors

And much more

  • What is CSS

  • How to use CSS (properties and values)

  • The editor to write HTML and CSS code

  • Selectors how to use them.

  • Styling Background images and also gradients

  • How to work on fonts, text, and style

  • How to use padding and margin

  • Flexbox…! how to use it.

  • Transforming and animating HTML elements

  • Tips and tricks

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