Step by Step Guide to Design Nano Devices and Sensors

Learn how to implement NEGF method to design nanodevices / sensors by coding in Matlab. / Nanotechnology – GNR – CNT

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What you’ll learn

  • How to design and develop simulator for nano devices and sensors
  • Youll be able to model nanostructures, examine your ideas and propose results for your projects, thesis and publications
  • How to implement NEGF method in Matlab to explore electronic/transport properties of nano structures such as transmission probability and I-V characteristics
  • How to Convert an Example Code to Systematic Simulator
  • Become familiar with Graphene Nanoribbon and Carbon Nanotube structures and model their properties in Matlab
  • Ups and Downs of NEGF and how to make your code expandable and efficient


  • Almost no prior knowledge is required for this course, however, basic understanding of matrices analysis and working with Matlab is beneficial


This course is all about how to design nano-scale systems like super tiny devices and sensors at the atomic scale. If you here, then most probably nanotechnology and its super exciting potentials has attracted your attention and you want to know more, orrr, you want to actually do more. If you want to be part of future technology and industry, let me tell you that you are not alone. Well, there are some introductory courses, but no one gives you the solution and confidence to start designing your own project and research. You may want to intake official syllabuses or programs, then you have to deal with crazy theories and thousands of sophisticated formulas for years and yet have no clue how to design a system. No one likes it, I know.

This course is different. In Right Vision Academy, we have designed simple and easy-to-follow procedure to show you how you can use NEGF method to model nanostructures such as Carbon Nnotubes or Graphene Nanoribbons. We suppose you have no prior knowledge about nano-science and we dont get stuck with quantum theories and formulas. Instead, Ill show you the steps on how to make your first nanodevice, an AGNR RTD device. We start right away coding with the Matlab, and Ill teach you the steps you need to build your simulator platform. Together, well develop systematic simulators that allow us to calculate transport properties and current-voltage of GNRs and CNTs with any dimension. Learning by coding is fun, engaging and much more intuitive.

By the end of this course, you will have enough confidence and knowledge to start your own project and research. You will be able to develop and adopt NEGF model to nanostructures and design atomic-scale devices and sensors. Devices like ultra-fast diodes like these structure that I designed and published results of my research in credible journals. Or you may want to make ultra-sensitive atomic gas sensors that overcome every typical sensor. The possibilities are endless, but what matters is where and how to start. By taking this course, I promise that your first step in realm of nanotechnology is a success. This course gives you enough momentum, knowledge and confidence to find your direction and conduct your research. If it sounds exciting dont hesitate to enroll right now. With 30-days money-back guarantee, there is nothing to lose. I am Milad, your instructor and looking forward to seeing you in the course.

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Author(s): Milad Zoghi

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