Selenium WebDriver The Easy Way With Java!

Teaches you Selenium from scratch and guidelines of how to use Selenium to get most out of it – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Will be able to write Selenium code easily, without any issues
  • Will be able to solve most famous Selenium issues yourself

  • Get more confidence with Selenium and its API

  • Teach others "Selenium The Easy Way"
  • See how to handle "Real World" project with Selenium


  • Should have internet connection, Eclipse, Java , Selenium Jars. Installations of these will be taught in the course.


Have you ever wondered how to run a automation script that drives the flow that you need? How to buy a book in online, by writing a program? Isn’t that fun?

Yeah thats really the fun, in this course, we will do exactly the same! We will learn Selenium principles and its fundamentals ideas and use them to buy a selenium book in a online store automatically!

Doing so is not that easy, and thats where this course pitches in. This course teaches you all the fundas and debugging skills which required to do complex stuff in Selenium.

The only thing that is expected from students is their time and basics of Java; rest all this course takes care!

Gist of the course:

* Selenium Fundas

* Selenium internals and architecture.

* Selenium locators & DOM

* Real world project!

and much more.

So why your waiting for? There are 100+ students in this course, reading Selenium the easy way with java! Sign up today, before the prices increases 🙂

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