Learn JavaScript From Scratch

Understand the basics of object oriented programming using JavaScript – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Getting Started With JavaScript On Visual Studio

  • Basic Programming Concepts – Conditional Statements

  • Basic Programming Concepts – Iterative Statements
  • Arrays And Functions
  • Various Events
  • Stand Alone Object/s And JSON
  • OOPs Concepts In JavaScript


  • You should be able to work with basic HTML elements


Do you know that all the web client frameworks are based on JavaScript?

Like AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, etc., So, now it is the time for you to not only build a strong base in JavaScript basic programming but also to understand the basics of object oriented programming using JavaScript.

Yes, the buzzword of the market that is TypeScript and AngularJS2+ are completely based on oops through the JavaScript.

When it comes to the passing data from a client to the server then JSON formatted data is the hero, which again reminds the object or collection of objects of JavaScript.

Now no way to escape from learning JavaScript, if you want to stick to web technology with any platform whether it is Microsoft or Java or PHP or anything else.

So, no worries! we made it dam simple for you to master it 🙂

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