Jquery For Beginners : A Basic Introduction

Learn the basics of this powerful javascript library and Write less code to achieve more

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to Access and use jQuery library
  • Learn How to write and understand simple jQuery code
  • Learn How to use jQuery Selectors
  • Learn How to change the behaviour of an element
  • Learn How to Create jQuery Events like click
  • Learn how to hide and show elements on a webpage
  • Learn to create simple Animation


  • Basic Knowledge of HTML , CSS and Javascript
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of editors like Brackets, Notepad++ or Any Good Text Editor
  • Basic knowledge of web browser like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet


This is a Hands-On jQuery course that will teach you the basics of using
the jquery library. jQuery allows you to write less code than javascript to achieve
the same or more. jQuery uses a lot of css selectors and also has some custom ones of their own.
jQuery makes it easy to manipulate webpages .

The course is video based and less than 2hours long.
There are exercises and quiz to help build on what you will learn.

What You Will Learn

How to access the jQuery library locally or via CDN
How to write jQuery syntax
How to manipulate contents on a webpage
How to create simple animation
How to create a sliding effect to slide an element up and down
How to make an element vanish and reappear from a webpage
How to create a response to an event like a click or mouse movement

Author(s): Bluelime Learning Solutions

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